Never stop running…

Hi positive people.

I used to be a college track and field athlete; my events were the 110m and 400m hurdles. At heart I was a sprinter and loved the 110m hurdles however I despised the 400m hurdles because it was too long and challenging of a race for me. If there was one thing I learned from track and field it was not how to run fast, how to get in shape or how to jump over a hurdle…what I learned was to never stop running.

I have been able to apply the concept of “never stop running” to many aspects in my life both physically and personally. In regards to running I am not referring to actual running instead I am referring to never giving up.

Life is a journey, on this journey you will have successes, failures, good times, bad times, positive experiences and negative experiences all of which contribute to who you are today. Everything we experience is a blessing even in times of distress or hurt there is always something to be learned from the experience.

As we live our lives we must understand we will not reach our maximum ability because we can always do better if we chose to, therefore our work will never be complete which is an awesome opportunity for continued growth. The only way one will reach their maximum potential is when they become complacent and stop growing. However, we must continue to work on and study at our crafts to achieve greatness and success the best way we can.

“Success is not a destination it is a journey”

As entrepreneurs, educators, doctors, lawyers, students etc it is important to remember to…”never stop running”.  Life is going to through us all types of curve balls, forks in the road, obstacles and setbacks and more but none of that matters as long as we keep running.

Some people chase their dreams while others run their dreams down which will you be?

Thank you for reading.


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